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Team Up with Make-A-Wish Foundation: Ryan’s Story

Sometimes, the power of community and the generosity of local businesses come together to create truly heartwarming stories. In a beautiful collaboration, Blue Fin Pool and Spa, along with contractors Bright Side Electric, and pool builder Jacob Mihelich, recently partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to make a young boy’s dream for his family come true.
Meet Ryan, an extraordinary young boy with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, who not only faces his health challenges with resilience but also shares a remarkable connection with his brother who also has the syndrome.
Read the heartwarming journey of how Ryan’s wish for a pool for his family turned into a reality.

Ryan’s Inspiring Journey

Ryan Watson with mom and dadRyan’s story is one of courage and resilience. Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, presents unique health challenges, but Ryan’s indomitable spirit shines through. What makes his story even more remarkable is that his younger brother also battles the same syndrome. This unbreakable bond between siblings facing similar health issues is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Make-A-Wish Foundation Steps In

When the Make-A-Wish Foundation learned about Ryan’s dream of having a pool to enjoy with his family, they sprang into action. Make-A-Wish is known for fulfilling the dreams of children with critical illnesses, and they saw an opportunity to bring joy to Ryan’s life. The wish was simple but held profound significance for Ryan and his family – a pool that could provide endless hours of enjoyment, relaxation, and precious family time.

Blue Fin Pool and Spa’s Heartwarming Gesture

Blue Fin Pool and Spa Inc., a trusted name in the community for providing high-quality pools and spa services, was touched by Ryan’s story. They believedMake-A-wish-Pool-team-with-Watson-family that granting Ryan’s wish was an opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Without hesitation, Blue Fin Pool and Spa decided to donate an above-ground pool to Ryan and his family, and with the help of Scott with Bright Side Electric  providing electrical needs and donated his time and materials, and Jacob Mihelich, their pool contractor who donated his time and materials to build the pool, they set out to complete this as quickly as possible. This generous act would not only provide a source of joy and recreation but also create a space where the family could bond and share unforgettable moments.

Ryan’s Dream Becomes a Reality

Make a Wish Ryan Watson StoryWith the support of Make-A-Wish Foundation and the generosity of Blue Fin Pool and Spa Inc., Ryan’s dream of having an above-ground pool came true. . We all hope the pool will become a cherished addition to the lives of Ryan and his family, offering a haven of fun and relaxation where they all can create lasting memories.
In a journal entry by Melanie (Ryan’s mom) on Aug 19, 2023 wrote:

“This afternoon we got to go for our first dip in the pool! Ryan was going to be the first one in but ended up backing out and making daddy go first. Both him and Salina were timid. Everybody had a blast and the pool was actually not that cold! Ben spent all morning building a spot for the solar heater we got for the pool. The good news is it’s actually working! Can’t wait to see what some hot days will do for it!
We cannot wait for the endless memories to be made in the pool. Also for Ryan when he is older to really understand why he earned this! Every time I look at the pool it’s a reminder of all the hard work Ryan did gaining his super powers. Only fitting to wear a Batman swimsuit and goggles!”
Ryan’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the impact that local businesses and organizations can have on the lives of individuals and families facing health challenges. Blue Fin Pool and Spa’s partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation exemplifies the spirit of community, compassion, and the simple act of making dreams come true. As Ryan and his family enjoy their new above-ground pool, they are not only celebrating a wish granted but also the incredible bond that keeps them strong in the face of adversity.
Blue Fin Pool and Spa Inc., in collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, continues to make dreams a reality for children like Ryan, bringing happiness and inspiration to our community. 
A Message from Zach and The Blue Fin Family:Zach- Blue Fin Pools and Spa owner
“Thank you to Make-A-Wish for making the process seamless and easy for both us and Ryan’s family. “We are always eager to find ways to give back, we try to donate to a few things every year. We have done things like feed our starving children, toys for joy, and meals on wheels before, but never thought about working with Make-A-Wish. When they reached out, I thought it was a great way to use our resources to make a big impact on a local family. The team at Make-A-Wish was very professional and easy to work with. After meeting the Watson’s and seeing how kind they were and how excited Ryan was at the chance of getting his very own pool we couldn’t wait to get started. Everyone involved did their part and we are hoping to continue working with Make-A-Wish as a reminder to our staff to count our blessings, be thankful for the lives we have, and that there’s always room to do more for others and your community.”
A Very Special Thanks to:
Jacob Mihelich who jumped right in to help get the pool built, donating his time and the materials.
Scott with Bright Side Electric who was the electrician on the project and donated his materials and time for the project 

Follow Ryan’s Story

 To Follow Ryan’s story, to send your thoughts, and connect with the family, please visit the Caring Bridge website.

If you know of someone with a child that would benefit from Make-A-Wish Foundation, Contact the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Minnesota