Blue Fin Pool and Spa Professional Team

Hire Your Local Pool Professional to Close your In Ground or Above Ground Pool

The Importance of Proper Pool Closing

As the swimming season comes to an end, many pool owners wonder whether they should close their in-ground or above-ground pools themselves or hire a professional. There are are compelling rationales on why considering hiring a pool professional is your best bet.

  • Expertise: Pool professionals have the knowledge and experience to perform pool closing tasks accurately. They know the specific requirements for different pool types and sizes.
  • Preventing Damage: Improperly closing a pool can lead to significant damage, such as cracked pipes or a damaged pool liner. Professionals ensure a thorough and safe closing to prevent costly repairs in the future.
  • Chemical Balance: Achieving the right chemical balance during pool closing is crucial. Pool experts can properly winterize your pool, balancing the chemicals to protect your pool’s surfaces and equipment.
  • Winterization Equipment: Professionals have access to specialized equipment and tools for pool closing, making the process efficient and effective. They also have the necessary winter covers and fittings.
  • Professional observations and assessments: When it is time to wrap up for the season, we can tend to rush through and neglect assessing the pools conditions and possible issues that may arise for the next spring/summer season. A professional in the business will know what to look for, be able to assess your current equipment for any potential repairs or replacements that if neglected could lead to higher costs and inconvenience in the future.

The Pool Closing Process

When you hire a pool professional to close your pool, you can expect a comprehensive and systematic process:

  1. Balance Chemicals: They start by adjusting the water chemistry, ensuring the pool water is clean and balanced.Planning Calendar saying "Make it Happen!"
  2. Remove Accessories: Pool professionals will remove and clean accessories like ladders, diving boards, and skimmer baskets.
  3. Drain Lines: They’ll properly drain water from the pool’s plumbing system to prevent freezing damage.
  4. Winterize Equipment: Pool pumps, filters, and heaters will be winterized to protect them from freezing temperatures.
  5. Cover Installation: Finally, a durable pool cover will be securely installed to keep out debris and protect the pool throughout the winter.

Peace of Mind and Longevity

By hiring a pool professional to close your in-ground or above-ground pool, you’re not only ensuring a hassle-free winterization process but also extending the life of your pool. It’s an investment in the longevity of your pool and the peace of mind that it will be ready for enjoyment when the swimming season returns.