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Have You Considered an Above Ground Pool?

Every home deserves a “wow-factor”, the thing that people leave your home and can’t stop talking about for days. There’s no better “wow-factor” than a beautiful, refreshing pool. Although Minnesota is known for its brutal winters, the summers can be just as hot and muggy as Florida! A pool is the perfect way to cool off during those hot summer months and make your home look great. 

However, in-ground pools aren’t always an option for every home. Some yards are not suitable for in-ground pools without major changes to the slope or terrain. Those changes can be expensive and sometimes impossible. Above-ground pools are a great solution for everyone.

We know what you’re thinking. “An above-ground pool? Aren’t those… ugly? And don’t they look cheap?” To that we say, you’ve never seen an Optimum above-ground pool. Optimum has completely changed the above-ground pool market. There are many customizations and features that you can include that previous brands and models hadn’t offered. 

above ground pool with stairs and gate

Firstly, Optimum offers versatile installation options, depending on the terrain and slope of your yard. These pools do not have to be fully above ground, you can have the pool installed below ground or semi-inground. There’s a variety of sizes and shapes too. Oval pools are great for smaller yards, while their circular option is beautiful in any yard!

Optimum pools can even be built into the slope of a yard, making for a cool feature unlike any of your neighbors. One side can be completely underground while the other is partially exposed. This is because Optimum pools are made from aluminum and have a 2-inch thick wall with insulating foam in between the two panels. This type of construction makes them super durable, energy-efficient, and keeps the bugs out.

Optimum Above Ground Pool

They’re also much easier to maintain since they have a beaded liner. When that time inevitably comes beaded liners are easier to replace than other liners. Plus, with their 5-year warranty and 50% at cost lifetime warranty, you don’t have to worry about anything ruining your summer splashing fun. 

 Optimum also offers some pretty sweet add ons that other above-ground pools don’t. You can pick your entry method, external stairs, internal stairs, or a ladder. You can also choose to light your pool to make it a party zone at night too. The aluminum and foam core walls make LED lighting a breeze to install. 

With our crew, you can have the luxury of an Optimum pool in your backyard in as little as three days! Since we’re the experts, we can help you choose the right products to clean and maintain your Optimum pool to keep it looking just as good as it will the day we finish. You’ll have peace of mind that you’re always covered since we’re just a call away if you have any questions about your new “wow-factor”.

Learn more about Optimum Pools and everything they can offer here.