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Cold Weather Grilling

We all love some nice, charred meat, no matter what season it is! But for dads (and awesome moms) all across the country, this means, braving the cold just to get some delicious grilled meat to your family. Here are some tips for how to grill smart when you’ve got 4 feet of snow and […]



Residential Pool Safety Information There cannot be any compromise on pool safety. Some of your best memories are times spent poolside. Keeping the time spent at the pool fun and safe is a pool owner’s top priority. Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of accidental deaths and injuries in children happens in or at a […]



How often should I use an algaecide in my pool? Algaecide should be added to your pool water on a weekly basis. Preventing algae is the key to fun in your pool. Algaecides act as a backup to your normal sanitization program and prevent algae from starting and growing in the pool. Algaecide should be […]



The definition of breakpoint chlorination is the point at which the disinfection demand has been met, or all undesirable contaminants in the pool have been oxidized. Think of as a tipping point, at which oxidation is complete, and further additions of shock chlorine or other oxidizer are unnecessary and unfruitful. For pool owners, breakpoint chlorination […]

Did you know the CDC recommends 0% CYA in hot tubs?

According to an article on Healthy Water from the CDC, they make a bold statement that “The CDC recommends not using cyanuric acid(CYA) or chlorine products with cyanuric acid in hot tubs/spas.”  The reason is the build-up of CYA causes consumers to potentially soak in water that is not properly sanitized because too much CYA […]


From: Jennifer Nallick To: Blue Fin Pool & Spa, Inc. Comment: I wanted to take a moment and say “Wow”, which was the feedback I provided to Blue Fin Pool and Spa after my much needed automatic pool cover was cleaned. The service was excellent and the pool cover looks brand new after a few harsh winters […]

Find it cheaper on the Internet? Be careful

Low Internet prices come at a cost. At Blue Fin Pool & Spa, we give you the kind of top-notch service, warranty, and follow-up care that Internet retailers cannot provide. While the Internet may advertise a great price, Blue Fin Pool & Spa removes all the guesswork and risk. Think of us as doctors — we […]



POOL PLANNING SEASON STARTS NOW: To Beat the Heat for Next Summer Blue Fin Pool & Spa Offers Tips for Creating Your Own Backyard Oasis Has this summer’s sweltering weather had you thinking about installing a new aquatic oasis in your backyard? Don’t hesitate because now it is a pool-planning season. Beat next year’s heat with […]


Long, hot saunas may boost survival, reduce fatal heart problems, Finnish research in men says Have you heard the news? We’ve always known saunas help improve overall health, but this is just one more piece of evidence. Stop in today to check out all of our great deals. It’s never too late to start getting […]