Four People In A Hot Tub

5 Tips for Hot Tub Owners

Hot tubs and spas can be intimidating for their owners. There’s electronics, plumbing, and all sorts of chemicals involved. It can seem like a huge time and money suck if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ve got your back! We compiled these easy to follow hot tub tips for new (or experienced) hot tub owners.

Get to Know your Hot Tub

Read instructions manuals, talk to your hot tub dealer, and thoroughly inspect your spa. Knowing where all the controls are and what products to use to properly care for your hot tub will elongate the lifespan of your spa as well as lessen the chances of having to pay for expensive repairs.
Do you know your hot tub model and serial number? For new homeowners who inherited a spa from the previous owners, you may not have access to this information offhand. You’ll want to contact your local hot tub dealer to get this information.

Run that Water

The more you use your tub and run the water, the cleaner it will be. Leaving your hot tub water still creates a petri dish of bacteria and algae. You can run your water to distribute your cleaning products as well. Some hot tubs even have a pre-set schedule, check the manual to see if your model has this feature or if you can set it up.

Analyze your Water

Before you add any chemicals to your spa, make sure you get a full water analysis. You’ll find out exactly which chemical you’ll need to make your water cleaner, and clearer. Bring in a sample of your spa water, and we’ll get it tested to make sure you’re only paying for what you need.

Use Tennis Balls

You may think tennis balls are only good for keeping your dog entertained, however, they can be great for absorbing oils and lotions from the surface of the water. Letting those oils build-up can cause filters to be less effective. Keep a basket of tennis balls next to your spa to make it easy to integrate them into your maintenance routine.

Schedule Maintenance Often

If you’re hoping to get all the relaxation of a spa without any of the headache of maintenance, Blue Fin can help you!

Making your spa as easy as carefree as possible is our job. Schedule a monthly service visit or give us a call at 763.576.6636 to keep your hot tub operating at its peak performance.